Helen MacDougall, BBA (Senior Mortgage Advisor)
Phone: 902-564-5654
Email: helen@freeholdmortgagesinc.com

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Whether you are buying a new home, renovating and transforming your old one, or simply consolidating some debts, finding the best possible financing is an important part of your personal financial strategy. As a trained mortgage specialist, with more than fifteeen years financial services experience, I will help you focus on your goals, and make the choices that are best for you.

I pride myself on the relationships I build with my clients, rarely forgetting their faces and names. As with my many past clients and friends, I will take a personal interest in helping you achieve successful financial solutions, and provide you with clear, accurate information every step of the way. As a professional, and a mother of three, I fully understand how busy life can become, and how important it is to have a flexible schedule that fits your needs. I am available days, evenings, and weekends. I will work with you in the comfort of your own home, or we can complete the entire process via e-mail and fax – whatever works best for you. What matters most is helping you get the terms you need.

Working together, we will achieve great things!

Marlene Gallant (Mortgage Agent)
Phone: 902-564-5654
Email: marlene@freeholdmortgagesinc.com

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Whether you are purchasing a home, consolidating some debts, or starting on a renovation project, a good mortgage specialist – one who is knowledgeable, flexible, and understanding of your personal needs – will save you time and money. As a mortgage professional, I have an in-depth understanding of the home lending market. Working with a wide variety of lenders, I am able to present you with a range of clear options, and help you make the best financial choices to achieve your goals.

Having lived all my life in Cape Breton, I know and love every corner of this beautiful island, and can explain the unique qualities of every community. I currently live in Englishtown. I understand that my role as a mortgage specialist is to make the lending process easy and transparent, so I am always ready and willing to give you honest, straightforward answers. I am very flexible with my working hours, so you can contact me during the day, or in the evening or on weekends. If you prefer, we can even complete the entire process via fax and e-mail.

Working together, we will focus on your personal goals, and find the financial solutions that are right for you.